Signs of Twattage: Part II

Twattage is an unofficial measurement of the extent to which a person is a twat, registered by people like me.

Signs of Twattage: Part II

Being a public tight-arse about college

This is dedicated to my friends, ClosetAlcoholic and DuckWeed, who share the opinion with me that people who are uptight about college are very irritating to be around.

It has to do more with how people are over-exposing too much personal information about their lives online. University plans used to be a private matter, where you would independently apply to schools and announce later (preferably to people who care) on what offers you have received. Now, it is a full-fledged 500 page fairytale written on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc … about the entire application, acceptance and rejection process.

I find it very, very sad. Life is about scrumptious food, adorable animals, gorgeous sceneries and funny people, that is what I expect to see on social media and the reason I signed up for it as well. I personally have not spoken a word about my university plans, frankly because I know it is so bloody boring and that nobody could be bothered to read it or care for it, not even my own parents.

I remember last year when a lot of my peers were being incredibly anal about university and mentally torturing themselves over it daily. I don’t know what more is there to sending an application and then waiting for a response. Do we not get on with life in between? I recall somebody even bringing a pros and cons list to school on a Monday morning to pick between university offers (which was obviously staged with the purpose of seeking attention).

A lot of people are doing that now, because September to June is college tight-arse season. We got 99 problems, but your college plans ain’t one. At least this phase does not last longer than a year.

Twattage Spectrum Level: Easily Ignored 


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